Disney’s Snow White Live-Action Divides Fans: Will Controversy End Up Hurting the Film?
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Disney’s Snow White Live-Action Divides Fans: Will Controversy End Up Hurting the Film?

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Disney’s latest success, ‘The Little Mermaid’, has broken the bank with a staggering $500 million in box office earnings. However, despite the film’s success, it has been shrouded in controversy due to its casting of Halle Bailey as Ariel – deviating from her animated look.

Bailey voiced her opinions on the matter in an interview with The Guardian, explaining: “If I had seen a black mermaid when I was little, it would have changed my perspective, my confidence, my self-esteem. A lot of people don’t understand what it feels like, because they’ve never had that problem and so they don’t think it’s important”.

Despite the criticism, Bailey continues to stand as an example to young girls across the world. With her defiant yet graceful stance on diversity and representation in Hollywood, she remains a beacon of hope for those striving to be heard in a space dominated by white voices.

Rachel Zegler will be playing a groundbreaking role of Snow White–one that celebrates Latin heritage. The New Jersey-born actress, whose maternal grandparents were Colombian, is excited to bring the Disney princess to life and connect with her Hispanic roots. From posting Instagram pictures while filming Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story to expressing her humble gratitude for this historic opportunity, she has held her Latin pride close to heart.

But the classic story of Snow White doesn’t just take an ethnic twist—it also breaks physical barriers. The seven infamous dwarves are typically portrayed as much shorter than the average person, yet in this retelling they will fulfill their roles at typical heights. This adaptation provides representation to those of limited stature after actor Peter Dinklage criticized the traditional narrative while on WTF with Marc Maron podcast: “They’re still telling that backwards story of seven dwarves living in a cave… what are they doing, man?” By managing to meet its political correctness goals in terms of both ethnicity and size, Disney acknowledges the fact that stories need many voices, not just one.

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