Fans React to Nic Cage’s Superman Cameo in The Flash – See it Now in High Definition!
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Fans React to Nic Cage’s Superman Cameo in The Flash – See it Now in High Definition!

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DC fans across the globe have been expressing their admiration on social media as they experience Nicolas Cage’s Superman cameo in high-definition for the first time, with the digital release of The Flash. This comic book-inspired movie follows Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen as he navigates a temporal quest to save his mother, inadvertently rupturing the future and inviting alternate universe characters into his journey. Christopher Reeve and Cage’s renditions of Superman join Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl as cameos, offering viewers both nostalgia and captivating new content.

Cage’s Superman shaped a huge part of the multiverse storyline in The Flash, though its CGI was consumed by critics at its theatrical release. Now with the digital version available for streaming, fans are reliving and sharing their reactions as to what Cage’s Superman representation brings to the DC Universe. It appears that this particular performance has struck a chord with viewers who have long yearned for an equally creative take on iconic superhero figures.

Fans were surprised with the first high-definition look at Nicolas Cage’s Superman cameo in The Flash. This revelation, however, was met with mixed reactions.
@brookstweetz showed their joy at not having the scene spoiled beforehand and were pleased with Cage’s appearance.
Conversely, @DarkMassacre26 was ecstatic to see his favorite superhero onscreen, adding that Cage’s Superman looked even better than what was seen in the film’s leaked images.
As for @Clarkinator64, they wished Cage’s Superman had been given the role of Calle’s Supergirl. Meanwhile, @TheGameFlix_ thought the cameo was the only one that wasn’t weird but wishes the VFX of the scene was better.
Finally, @EthanCaron13 commented that while the high-definition did add more quality to Cage’s Superman, it didn’t quite make it great. Unconvinced, @bornagainzach exclaimed the cameo an abomination.

Movie buffs the world over were bewildered by Nicolas Cage’s recent cameo in epic superhero movie The Flash as a mysterious Superman – and now, the moment has found its rightful place in DC Comics’ history.

The scene, which saw Cage donning the cape and tights to take down a giant spider from another universe, was actually director Andy Muschietti’s way of righting a wrong: Cage had once been set to play Superman in Tim Burton’s late 90s version of Superman Lives – and that movie would have featured a very similar finale featuring the Man of Steel taking down an enormous arachnid.

Unfortunately, Superman Lives never made it to the big screen; nevertheless, Cage finally had his moment with the iconic hero in this year’s The Flash, even getting a more extended sequence than any of the other multiverse cameos. With better VFX work, this touching homage to comic history could have been much more appreciated!

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