Thousands suffer as Tucson experiences power outage—find out what to know

Thousands suffer as Tucson experiences power outage—find out what to know

power outage

Tucson, AZ – Tucson Electric Power (TEP) delivered a harsh blow to over 12,000 of its customers when a power outage left many in the dark at the stroke of midnight on Monday, July 17. Investigators are working round the clock to decipher the cause and identify solutions to remedy the incident, with TEP committed to restoring power within an estimated two-hour timeframe.

Tucson’s east side and the Foothills area have been most drastically affected by the outages, impacting over 10,000 residences between Kolb & Camino Seco, 22nd Street in the south to Speedway in the north. Unrelenting storms swept through the region late afternoon on Monday, leaving behind its wake of darkness and distress.

The region scrambles to find answers while juggling the invisible weight of this unexpected disruption. Fortunately, TEP is on the case and determined to bring relief and peace of mind to its customers during this trying time.

Residents in Tucson have been hit with a series of power outages, with the affected region ranging from Fort Lowell and Swan North to East Skyline Drive in the Foothills. With boundaries from 22nd Street in the South to Speedway in the North, numerous households are now without power. To add more disruption, smaller localized outages have also been reported east of Pantano and south of Golf Links, as well as at Speedway and Craycroft.

The Tucson Electric Power (TEP) have been hard at work to restore electricity to these customers, though they may be struggling to keep pace with the magnitude of this crisis. They are currently investigating the cause of these outages and working diligently around the clock to address them. It is certainly a trying time for those who have been impacted, but TEP will do their very best to bring back much needed relief in the form of returning power.

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