Unmasking the I-70 Killer: Untangling the Twisted Case
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Unmasking the I-70 Killer: Untangling the Twisted Case


The I-70 Killer Mystery remains unsolved three decades later. In the spring of 1992, six individuals were fatally shot across Indiana, Missouri and Kansas; authorities believe the same individual is responsible for other unsolved killings as well as a January 1994 incident in Vicki Webb’s Houston shop that she barely survived from.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts to identify the suspect with facial composites and other evidence, police forces from the three states launched a uniform task force in November 2021, with the mission of re-examining the evidence and developing a new strategy. Now, People Magazine Investigates is taking the case one step further in an all-new episode titled The I-70 Killer, airing Monday July 17th at 9pm ET on ID. Tune in to learn more about this cold and unsolved case!

The I-70 killer’s case: Five key details to know about the unsolved killings committed along the Interstate Highway

  1. Commencing on April 8 in Indianapolis, this chilling spree spanned 29 days, claiming six confirmed lives in Indiana, Kansas, and Missouri. Though the perpetrator was never identified, and believed to be linked to other shootings and homicides during that time, their final murder was recorded on May 7, concluding this tragic saga.

  2. Tragedy shook the Midwest region on April 8, 1992 when 26-year-old Robin Fuldauer was shot dead while working alone in Indianapolis’ Payless ShoeSource. Soon after, the killing continued its dark course claiming the lives of two women at a bridal shop in Wichita, leading to yet another harrowing tale from Terre Haute where 40-year-old Michael McCown was shot. On May 3, Nancy Kitzmiller, 24, was gunned down at a Missouri shoe store and 4 days later on May 7, Sarah Blessing, 37 met her demise at a holistic shop in Raytown. As tales of tragedy continue to spread, investigators are scrambling for clues as to who this killer is and why they have chosen these targets.

  3. Intertwined destinies, starkly linked by heinous gun violence. Six vicitms, all uniquely exposed to one common factor – the I-70 killer. Five women and one misidentified male were cruelly executed in cold blood within small businesses, their deaths joined by an ominous thread of violence. The Wichita killings presented an exception where a store owner along with their employee fell victim to the perpetrator’s calculated rage. An unnerving trial awaits to uncover the dark motives that drove this string of shootings.

  4. All of the victims were young white women working in small businesses along Interstate highways. They were shot with the same weapon: an Erma Werke Model ET22 pistol. An executioner-style of shooting – ironic yet tragically apt for the sombre circumstances. These women had all been robbed yet investigators couldn’t discern any signs of sexual assault. The police forces in the three states joined forces to apprehend the perpetrator amid a wealth of public fear. It was clear that justice needed to be served quickly to assuage the tumultuous atmosphere gripping the homeland.

  5. The I-70 serial killer may have been active in more cases than previously believed. It has been reported that Vicki Webb is likely the only living survivor of the nearly unstoppable murderer. This mother endured a horrifying attack where she was shot in the back of her neck by a male customer on January 15th of 1994. But due to her remarkable quick thinking and determination, she managed to play dead until the shooter left unaware of her potential for survival. Ultimately, two customers who entered the store 10 minutes later saved her life. This mysterious case continues to captivate investigators all over the world as they continue to search for the evil mind that terrorized Webb and many others.

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