“Will Reddit r/Place Return? Find Out Here!”
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“Will Reddit r/Place Return? Find Out Here!”


As the year 2021 wraps up, Redditors around the world are eagerly awaiting the return of the beloved r/Place – the social experiment that turns an online canvas into collaborative artwork.

For those unfamiliar with r/Place, it is a project launched by Reddit on April 1, 2017, where registered users can collaborate to compete in creating a pixelated masterpiece. Through its 16-color palette, each user can change a single pixel and add color to the canvas. However, there is a timer which prevents any further changes for 5-20 minutes intervals.

The original r/Place iteration ended on April 3rd, 2021 after millions of users had edited its canvas. Nonetheless, due to its success and popularity, this beloved subreddit was relaunched on April 1st, 2022 and was headlined by none other than the infamous xQc who enamored many with his entertaining antics.

As we enter 2021, Redditors all over are wondering if they will get another round of r/Place’s pixelated glory – will it happen again this year? Only time will tell.

The highly anticipated revival of Reddit’s r/Place is here, but not everyone is celebrating. It’s no secret that user complaints on pricing for third-party apps have been piling up, and the platform has now removed chat history prior to 2023 without providing a warning. The CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman, better known as ‘spez’ was blasted by users following their announcement.

But despite the controversy of its launch, r/Place – originally slated for an early April induction – is finally live. With its reimagined tagline: “Right Place, Wrong Time,” the new version of the canvas offers something different than before. Ultimately, it’ll be up to users to decide if this time around will be any different than the last.

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