“G Herbo Pleads Guilty to Federal Fraud: A Searing Indictment of Financial Exploitation”
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“G Herbo Pleads Guilty to Federal Fraud: A Searing Indictment of Financial Exploitation”


Rapper G Herbo is expected to plead guilty in court later this month, after signing a plea deal that includes two charges of aggravated identity theft being dismissed. This comes following his indictment last year, when G Herbo and five other men were accused of taking part in a fraud scheme to purchase private jet charters, car rentals, designer puppies, and more using stolen payment and credit card information.

If convicted, G Herbo faces up to twenty years in prison, James W. Lawson, G Herbo’s lawyer has declined to comment on the plea agreement.

The scheme, which allegedly lasted since 2016, aimed to defraud retailers and banks across multiple states. The scam was uncovered during an investigation by the US Secret Service and Department of Justice.

Time will tell if the rapper will be held responsible for his alleged actions and what the outcome of his plea agreement will be, with the Chicago Tribune and The Republican reporting the news recently.

His management later released a statement where they defended his innocence and the rapper himself affirmed his position of non-guilt. To further demonstrate his stance towards the allegations, Herbo released a song titled “Statement”. Unfortunately, things have taken a downhill spiral for Herbo as he was recently charged with making false statements to federal officials.

Time has still continued for Herbo as he released two albums in the months after he was indicted. Most recently, Herbo was arrested in Chicago on weapons charges this month when police pulled him over. Herbo’s counsels have released no statement yet regarding the arrest. It remains to be seen how Herbo is going to protect himself against these growing list of charges.

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