“Legendary Pokemon Arrive in Pokemon GO – Don’t Miss Out On This Exciting Event!”

“Legendary Pokemon Arrive in Pokemon GO – Don’t Miss Out On This Exciting Event!”


Trainers, rejoice! Pokemon GO has made a major announcement: the ever-elusive Zygarde is finally making its debut in the augmented reality game. With almost 80% of all nine generations of the original Pokemon available in the mobile app, players have grown increasingly excited for further additions to the Pokedex.

Gen 1’s Kanto and Johto, Gen 3’s Hoenn, and Gen 5’s Unova are currently fully available; meanwhile, starters from each of these regions as well as Legendary and Mythical monsters – like Raikou, Kyogre, Mewtwo and Shaymin – can already be caught. To top it off, Turtonator, Mega Sableye and Mega Rayquaza have all recently been added to the mix. Now that Zygarde is joining this magnificent menagerie, everyone is ready for what will come next on this exciting new journey.

Pokemon GO’s latest event, Blaze New Trails, is set to commence on July 21st 10 AM and conclude on July 24th 8 PM local time. The icing on the cake? The debut of Legendary Zygarde – one of the fiercest monsters from Generation 6. Players can encounter this power-packed Pokemon in its 10% Forme, taking the form of a small dog in the research story From A to Zygarde.

This event also increases chances of catching Growlithe, Ponyta, Doduo, Lillipup, Blitzle, and Yungoos in the wild with a bonus chance of getting hold of their rare Shiny Variants. Hatch 7km eggs for Rockruff, Skwovet or Falinks and bump up the odds with a glittery addition to your team. Get ready for some pocket monster action!

Trainers, the wait for the Dragon/Ground-type Pokémon Zygarde to arrive is finally over! Niantic has officially announced the debut of the powerful Pokémon through their new Blaze New Trails event. Along with the introduction of Pokemon GO’s first ever Routes feature, trainers everywhere will be able to witness the arrival of Zygarde and explore these Routes with a Buddy for added bonuses.

The Blaze New Trails event promises a number of benefits for trainers who decide to embark on this journey. Notably, trainers can earn Buddy Candy faster when exploring these Routes in addition to having an increased chance of finding Shiny Yungoos. Additionally, Zygarde Cells will be scattered across the Routes and trainers will have the opportunity to utilize them and change Zygarde’s form.

Pokémon GO is already well known for its captivating gameplay experience featuring Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. The inclusion of Zygarde, one of the most iconic Pokemon in history, will surely add an exciting element to players’ adventure while exploring the highly anticipated Routes. So don’t hesitate and dive head first into an epic journey only Pokemon GO can offer!

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