Western New York: Brace for Possible Thunderstorms!
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Western New York: Brace for Possible Thunderstorms!

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As night falls upon Western New York, get prepared for a possibly tumultuous evening of weather. The Central Great Lakes are sending a cold front and potent thunderstorms straight towards the area, with an estimated arrival between 8pm tonight and midnight. We can expect the storms to progress from west to east as they expire, with Rochester likely to be affected by rain and thunder by 9-10pm.

In response, a severe thunderstorm watch has been issued from all corners of WNY until 3am Friday morning. The line will press on into Central New York post-midnight. Thunderstorms may carry intense rainfall, hail, winds up to 60mph and cloud to ground lightning. Stay ever vigilant!

Rochester will be met with wet weather this evening, as a storm system rolls through the region, bringing with it an array of rain amounts ranging from 1/4″ to 1″. Though the storms are expected to move quickly, citizens should take precaution and secure any outdoor objects that could become damaged.

The 13WHAM Weather Authority is providing up-to-date forecasts on their cell phone app to help those in the area stay one step ahead of the storm. Additionally, isolated thunderstorms could arrive as early as tomorrow with yet another piece of energy accompanying the system.

Now is the time to grab your patio umbrella, fasten it securely, and brace for a possible night of stormy weather. Keep up with the latest forecasts from the 13WHAM Weather Authority for all of your inclement weather needs.

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