Canada’s Bev Priestman Slams Ireland as ‘Horrible Team’ Ahead of Crucial Clash; Jessie Fleming Confirmed in Starting XI
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Canada’s Bev Priestman Slams Ireland as ‘Horrible Team’ Ahead of Crucial Clash; Jessie Fleming Confirmed in Starting XI


In a display of both reverence and apprehension, Priestman, the revered coach of Canada’s Olympic champions, has invoked a profound sense of dread when contemplating the upcoming encounter with Ireland. Bev Priestman, renowned for her coaching prowess as a former assistant to Phil Neville with England, deftly delivered a concise and sobering assessment of what lies ahead against the Irish team, whose reputation for being “physical” has become trademarked across an entire continent.

Unleashing a biblical torrent of well-known phrases, Priestman grappled with the teeming rain at HBF Park in Perth as she attempted to laud the Irish team with praise, albeit with a hint of reservation. The Irish side, often tagged as “horrible” to play against, received accolades for their resilience, spirit, passion, and their well-organized and hardworking approach to the game.

Priestman evoked memories of a past encounter with the Australian rugby team, wherein Ireland’s fierce reputation preceded them, courtesy of a solitary world-class player. Undeterred, Priestman confirmed that her team had thoroughly scouted Ireland and found them to be true to their shape, resilience, and unyielding mindset.

While acknowledging Ireland’s physicality, Priestman expressed confidence in her team’s ability to rise to the challenge and showcase their own unique qualities. She emphasized the need for Canada to match Ireland’s passion and work ethic, setting the stage for what promises to be a remarkable showdown.

With a calculated approach, Priestman revealed that key Chelsea midfielder Jessie Fleming would grace the starting lineup, provided she completed the evening’s training session unscathed. Her faith in Fleming’s abilities underscored the team’s determination to face the Irish with full force.

Priestman anticipated a well-organized and disciplined Irish team that would pose a formidable challenge. While acknowledging Ireland’s tenacity, she reiterated her team’s focus on staying composed and true to their game plan, seeking to exploit opportunities in the attacking third.

Ever the strategist, Priestman expressed that there were no expected surprises in Ireland’s lineup, acknowledging the impressive work of their coach, Vera Pauw. She recognized Pauw’s achievements in leading Ireland to this point and speculated on potential tactical changes if the game presented the opportunity.

In the face of speculation about Katie McCabe’s aggression, Priestman veered the attention back to McCabe’s exceptional skills in delivering accurate crosses. She praised the recent Chelsea acquisition, emphasizing that it was McCabe’s football prowess that captured their interest.

With a sense of anticipation, Priestman disclosed that her team had diligently prepared for Ireland’s physical style, treating the match with the same gravity as any World Cup encounter. She stressed the importance of matching Ireland’s intensity while displaying composure on the ball to unlock opportunities in the attacking phase.

As the match looms, the weather conditions and a covered pitch may pose additional challenges. Nevertheless, Priestman and her team remain hopeful that a thrilling display of football will transpire during tomorrow’s highly-anticipated match.

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