Ex-Vogue Editor Criticizes Charming Princess Kate Middleton
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Ex-Vogue Editor Criticizes Charming Princess Kate Middleton

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Kate Middleton, hailed for her impeccable fashion sense, faces criticism from former Vogue editor Suzy Menkes regarding her approach to jewelry. The candid remarks were made during a thought-provoking exchange on the Creative Conversations podcast, where Suzy invited Carol Woolton to delve into the intricacies of Kate’s fashion choices.

Attempting to draw parallels between Kate, the Queen Consort, and the beloved Princess of Wales, Woolton suggested that Kate appears less captivated by the collection of exquisite jewels at her disposal compared to her mother-in-law, Camilla.

Suzy Menkes did not shy away from expressing her disappointment, stating, “The Princess of Wales falls short when it comes to embracing jewelry. She gives off the impression that she only dons it out of necessity. I can almost envision her looking resplendent in those gowns behind the scenes, only to pull a face as if to say, ‘Must I wear this?’ She lacks the fervor and delight one would expect from someone adorning themselves with such treasures,” the former jewelry editor claimed.

In contrast, Suzy extolled Camilla’s genuine interest in jewelry, citing a recent visit to the Monica Vinader headquarters as an example of her passion.

Speculating on whether Kate’s demeanor towards jewelry might shift once she ascends to the throne as Queen, Suzy pondered, “With a new Queen in place, she now has a unique opportunity to appraise the royal jewels. We can imagine that the wife of the next in line to the throne would hold these adornments in high regard, so will we witness Catherine embracing more dramatic and personalized jewelry? Only time will tell. When it comes to matters of beauty, it’s a matter of either loving it or not.”

Suzy also took aim at Kate’s lack of transparency concerning the provenance of certain jewels, noting, “It’s an enigmatic aspect. The origins of some pieces remain discreetly hidden, and one can understand why, given their questionable history. Some were acquired from India.”

Clarifying her stance, Suzy emphasized, “I won’t go so far as to suggest they were stolen, but they might have been given and taken by the British Royal Family during a period when they were asserting control over a nation. These jewels were deemed alluring acquisitions to bring back to England.”

As Kate Middleton continues to navigate her role within the royal family and her evolving fashion choices, opinions remain diverse on her stance toward jewelry and its significance in her life. The future may shed light on whether her perspective on these precious adornments undergoes any transformation.

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