Hospital’s Maternity Unit Intrigued by Wandering Deer

Hospital’s Maternity Unit Intrigued by Wandering Deer


In a moment of surprise and laughter, two deer were discovered exploring the maternity ward at Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital. The incident unfolded during the early hours of Monday when the curious animals made their way in through an open back door.

The University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust confirmed the brief escapade, clarifying that the deer were gently guided out by staff after spending a mere three minutes in the Level 5 corridor. Cleaning crews promptly sanitized the area, and fortunately, the animals did not venture into clinical spaces or come into contact with patients.

A video capturing this unusual occurrence swiftly spread on social media, capturing the attention of thousands. Netizens reacted with amusement, jokingly proposing roles for the deer in the hospital’s neurology department and speculating on their potential Christmas plans.

Though deer sightings are not uncommon in the south-west vicinity, the hospital administration took the opportunity to remind everyone to close doors securely and refrain from feeding the wild creatures to ensure a peaceful and orderly hospital environment. Security measures, including heightened patrols and monitoring, have been implemented to prevent any future visits from the curious deer.

As Derriford Hospital continues to cater to its patients, this unexpected encounter serves as a light-hearted reminder of the diverse encounters that can occur within its premises.

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