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North Korea Unveils Romantic Exhibit Honoring Kim Jong Un on Anniversary

In a significant move to bolster the “cult of personality” surrounding North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong Un, a remarkable art exhibit has been unveiled, showcasing the first-ever paintings of the country’s enigmatic leader. The exhibit, which forms part of the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the “victory in the Fatherland Liberation War,” portrays a […]

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North Korea Warns of Dire Consequences After US Spying Allegations

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s influential sister, Kim Yo-jong, has raised the stakes by alleging that Pyongyang successfully fended off a US spy plane that ventured into nearby waters on Monday. With a stern warning of “shocking” consequences, Kim Yo-jong cautioned against the United States continuing its reconnaissance missions in the area. The United States […]

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